Startup Laboratory Services

Creating a laboratory can be as intimidating as it is challenging—dealing with everything from the application of licenses to purchasing the proper instruments and supplies to achieve the goals of the lab.


Parameno Health will assist in developing the business plan, applying for the correct certification, selecting the correct instrumentation, and outlining the standard operating procedures. Our compelling solution, Parameno Health’s Startup Laboratory Services, can be easily configured and customized to meet your lab’s needs.

Our Startup Laboratory Services offer:

• Upfront consulting to ensure the lab design is right for the menu of tests you would like to offer to your clients

• Advise on tests, equipment, services, etc. that are cutting edge and have a strong clinical utility as well as offer strategic sourcing for negotiations.

• Assistance in applying for the appropriate certifications

• Creation of a floorplan for the instruments selected to optimize workflow as well as help you choose flooring and furniture materials to ensure you are compliant.

• Assistance with the development of policies and standard operating procedures pertaining to various aspects of Laboratory operations.

• Regulatory compliance consulting to ensure continued compliance.

• Creation and optimization of a test menu and planning to deliver efficiencies to ensure the right mix of local and reference testing.

• Processes and procedures for your lab to deliver contracted personnel necessary for sample collections inside of clinics.

• Assistance in the proper training of Laboratory staff for equipment, standard operating procedures, business policies, etc.

• Support in key areas and develop non-existing Laboratory infrastructure to support growth and sustainability.

• Creation of laboratory operations to ensure cost and time efficiencies.

• Assistance in the creation of a reference laboratory work flow and facilitate laboratory information system integration with reference laboratories.


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