Recover Revenue and
Maximizing Reimbursement


Identify and correct root causes of denials to improve your claim rate


Streamline workflows for greater efficiency,
faster appeals, and inmproved cash flow


Reduce the cost of managing denied claims and the administrative burden on staff


Help reduce regulatory risks with
improved compliance


Rely on Parameno Health’s auditing expertise
to resolve underpayments


Help improve revenue-cycle management and
financial performance

Additional Services

Review of in-house compliance programs and CPT coding for laboratory procedures.

Detailed analysis of the laboratory’s billing and collection history to pinpoint areas of opportunities for performance improvement.

Analysis of revenue loss from medical necessity with recommended changes to follow-up procedures to insure greater compliance.

Examination of fee schedules, provider arrangements and CPT coding, and recommended changes to address situations where claims are denied or inadequately paid.

Review of internal processes with recommendations for streamlining patient registration, the pursuit of missing information, and the collection effort.

Operational reviews of billing functions to determine appropriateness of systems and resources to perform activities.


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