Laboratory Management

Laboratory services are critical to delivering high-quality patient care, but constantly changing reimbursement levels, rapidly evolving technology, and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting.


We offer a compelling solution – Parameno Health’s Laboratory Management Services; a complete set of assets and services that can be easily configured to meet your needs and the needs of your medical staff.

Our Laboratory Management Services offer:

• Complete access to our business intelligence platform with multiple users.

• Optimize and modernize healthcare service lines to enhance patient care, improve physician satisfaction, and reduce total cost of care.

• Act as the exclusive negotiator of agreements, as agent and on behalf of Laboratory, with all vendors and other entities for the purchase of supplies, other inventory, and materials that are necessary for the operation of Laboratory. Purchase all supplies, other inventory, and materials needs which may be reasonably required in connection with the operation of Laboratory.

• Provide efficient processes to manage supplies and other inventory needed.

• Optimize test menu and planning to deliver efficiencies and provide continual test monitoring to ensure the right mix of local and reference testing.

• Advise on new tests, equipment, services, etc. that are cutting edge and have a strong clinical utility as well as offer strategic sourcing for negotiations.

• Subject to Laboratory’s oversight and final approval, assist in the development of claims for Laboratory Services.

• Assist with the development and revision of policies and standard operating procedures pertaining to various aspects of Laboratory operations.

• Provide regulatory compliance consulting to ensure continued compliance.

• Provide and deliver contracted personnel necessary for sample collections inside of clinics.

• Assist in the proper training of Laboratory staff for equipment, standard operating procedures, business policies, etc.

• Add support in key areas and develop non-existing Laboratory infrastructure to support growth and sustainability.

• Assist with Laboratory operations to ensure cost and time efficiencies.

• Assist in the creation of a reference laboratory work flow and facilitate laboratory information system integration with reference laboratories.

• Assist with the development of the format and structure a patient report that is clinically satisfying to healthcare professionals.

• Facilitate, structure and design marketing materials and business development strategy.

• Handle patient inquiries about results, billing, support, etc. to ensure patient satisfaction and high level of customer care.


“The Parameno team has been very impressive from the start. Their ability to be innovative while incorporating leading technologies to a sophisticated RCM has been crucial to our success. The entire staff has been a pleasure to work with while also being adaptive to intricate scenarios.”

ANIL VIRANI  |  Operation Director at Metroplex Care Centers


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